At CRM Herald for Small Business, we are all about you finding yourself the correct solution for you. When you buy a CRM you need to consider many different issues. First is what you want to get out of the system. How much of your business can you streamline with a CRM and what changes in behaviour will your current staff have to accept to make the change.

Basically all modern CRM’s work to an extent. What often does not work is you, your organisation and your business systems. Tough we know but more often true.

If you move to a modern CRM system you need to understand that you are then putting your client, not your process, not your products and not your staff at the centre of all your thinking.

Then get ready for some mad changes. You will probably be shocked at the information that is returned. Most people who implement a CRM suddenly find that the clients who they thought were their best are not. Clients they ignored are actually their most profitable and what shocks them most is that clients leave them for no reason at all. That is you have not given them any reason to stay.

But once you get it right!!