Best of the Best Infusionsoft CRM Training 1

Best of the Best Infusionsoft CRM Training 1

Best of the Best Infusionsoft CRM Training 1

Thought I would just plublish these videos. You can buy the Transcripts on Kindle here

Also check out the Free CRM Book Opposite. In all these books, vidoes and posts I am mainly using Infusionsoft and OptimizePress which are the main two products 90% of direct marketers use for the very simple fact they work…

Best of the Best Infusionsoft CRM Training
Get the Kindle Book with the full Transcription and extras here

Edited Transcript of the Infusionsoft Best of The Best training by George Slater second time winner of the Best of the Best user by Infusionsoft. The guide covers basic set up of Infusionsoft and your online and offline lead systems. This volume covers 1. Objectives 2. Setting Up Groups and tags 3. Importing Lists.

The book will be helpful for setting up an CRM in 200 person or below sized organization.

George has been using, designing and implementing CRM for 20 years. George has worked for CRM giant Oracle and has implemented CRM systems for many organisations. From large Oracle based Applications in companies like Yellow Pages, Government Organisations and small to medium sized companies.

This experience means he pulls no punches in the way you should step forward to put in your CRM applications and the successful ways to enact change management.