Building Contractor CRM

If you are a home builder or apartment developer and do not want to rely on the Real Estate man selling your properties then you will need to implement a customer relationship system that captures leads, processes follow ups and helps you convert those leads into deposits, managed payments and finally sales.

Just depending on a sales person to do this can be very tricky in the building industry as most of them try to hold all the data about your clients to themselves.  You spend all the time and money on the ads, the printing and the open houses and then they do not document that into your system but keep it in their files.  Does that sound familiar.  A better way to go is to proceedurize the whole system.  Reduce the level of sales skill you need by breaking the sales down into a system that a bright happy person can follow and running all the contact processes including client calls through a great CRM system.

The increase in profit that can occur after the initial set up is tremendous and will allow you to really control your sales, cash flow and profits.

I recommend using something like infusionsoft crm.  If you fill out this form you will be contacted by the team there – tell them George send you and then will take you through a full demonstration.

Remember the better your ideas, thoughts and input is into setting up the right system the more control and better outcome you will get.

I hope this article helps you replace the unknown with a predictable sales system that puts you back in control.