Carpet Cleaning CRM

Carpet Cleaning CRM

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“How to have Seriously EXcessive profits with Customer Relationship Management systems” and how it can help if you are a carpet cleaner.


Carpet Cleaning CRM
Carpet Cleaning CRM


8. How to make business tough for others
Is business tough out there? Of course it is!  Especially if you are a struggling carpet cleaner…
I sometimes hear business owners say that it’s hard at the moment, that things are tough. I think: well, why did you get into business in the first place? Unless you have a monopoly, (like the Government making people pay tax!), then business is always going to be tough!

You wouldn’t expect to enter a competitive sport for a season, and say, “That was easy”. Even if that did happen, the next season you’d be bumped up a league and ‘easy’ would have disappeared.

Why do business owners think that business is going to be anything but tough? Even when getting orders is fairly easy it’s probably hard to get products and good staff.

Business is tough but the secret is to make it tougher on your competitor. It still may be tough, but winning the Grande Final is at least fun.

So how do you make it tough for others out there in business against you?

? Use your CRM system to analyse which of your customers may be using some of a competitor’s products and services that are either high margin or compete.
? Next put together massive value services to sell against them that they cannot copy.
? Then contact those customers on your list. You may need to repeat your offer two or three times.

Here’s an example. When I worked at Oracle, for ages we couldn’t beat Sebel. (Sebel were the world’s largest Customer Relationship Management software provider, before being bought out by Oracle.) They used a CRM system in a big way and had selling down to an art. After labouring mightily on competitive bids I started to see a pattern – the rough shape of their white system.. So I called an upset ex-Sebel salesperson I knew and asked about this system. I got the full breakdown of the letters, the calls and the offers. (He just happened to leave with a copy of each!) It turned out that Tom Sebel made his sales force use a 100% systemised way of selling worldwide. (A lot of those ideas are in this book.) Nobody dared to deviate. They would be sacked!

The Sebel system was good, very good. But it did show one weakness: they never deviated. This meant that if I could get in their with my own letter first, my offer first and I warned the customer that they’d soon get a standard letter from Sebel (helpfully that I sent them a copy of), it was like I’d managed to put square wheels onto their bandwagon. Suddenly sales that had been going smoothly to Sebel instead rattled and slowed right down. Their customers started asking them questions and more time had to be spent on the account.

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