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If you are looking for the best CRM systems in the World then you have come to the right place. It could be a simple 3 or 4 user system just tracking your clients and sending out a few letters all the way to 50 – 100 people using full automation, intergrated CRM linked into Accounts, Forum, Directories and so on and so forth.

Whatever your requirements please fill in our contact us form to allow us to firstly understand your issues and then allow us to put forward a complete solution for you.

Our CRM services in Perth include but are no limited to:

Online CRM – Software as a Service (SAAF)
In house CRM – Software loaded on your machines with remote access
Contact Mangement and Reporting
Ecommerce Website intergration
Online Mechant Factilities
Online Shopping Carts
Online Sales Forms
Online Web Forms
Web Sites and web capture pages
Customer Files, including all tasks, emails, form, phone and fax interactions
Product and item Tracking
Service Level Agreements
Sales and Lead Tracking
Systems integration
Digital Serial Number Generation and Tracking
Word and Excel Integration
If you systems do not fit your requirements we are also happy to act as your in house consultants. We will help you define your business requirements, chose the right solution and then purchase and implement the solution all bound within a hard Return On Investment model.

We work towards getting you a return on invest within a 9-12 months period, increase sales, increase sales/lead quality, increase client satisfaction and heavily automate all functions possible to help you reduce your reliance on staff and increase their value to your organisation.

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CRM Perth

Regards George Slater
Infusionsoft Marketer of the Year 2006
Infusionsoft Best of Best 2007
Author or “Better Sales & EXessive Profits with CRM”

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