Many Infusionsoft users and small businesses want to sell products from their CRM. Using sales forms is one way. Fast and simple without need to set up a whole shopping cart.

Some also want to sell the same products in a range of currencies. If you are US based you may want to offer CAD and UK Pound. So on and so forth.

With the normal set up in Infusionsoft and some other CRMs you can only do one using their set up with Paypal. This video shows you the work arounds to do Paypal and multi currency with Infusionsoft Forms.

First if you have Paypal set up in the Ecommerce, Payment Types area of Infusionsoft and you want to do this then you need to turn the option off. First save all the info like the API key etc. Just in case you want to revert.

In the Product description of the product or the Product HTML outline what currency you are charging in.

Here is the code I promised in the Video – cut and paste it into the Footer HTM area of the sales form and change the paypal url, the picture url although the one there will work and change the alt tag.

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<h3>Or Pay With PayPal</h3><br>
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>
<img border=”0″ alt=”Paypal One Truth 818 Anti Aging Serum 50ml” src=”” width=”358″ height=”159″>