Setting Up Your CRM System

Setting Your System Up

This is what we are going to look at now and will be the last slide before we start doing it. Infusionsoft have just implemented a new application, or rather a new look and feel to the application. So that was formally known as groups have become “tags”, contact type has become “person type”. We have within the application tags (groups), so we can put people into groups and later on we can start searching for people in groups.

The Person Type is often referred to as the Service Level Agreement. For a lot of people in the information marketing area, a service level agreement will be something like a platinum inner circle member, a gold inner circle member, a inner circle member, a starter pack via a newsletter person. The person (contact) type often refers to that in those terms in that way because it helps the people in your organization. It’s always on the front page of any CRM system and allows them to know that’s the way the person should be treated when they come through on the telephone. Or if they telephone a person they can see what type of level they are within their organisaiton. And that often relates to a service level agreement and a contract that they have with them.
There are other “fields” in the system that we will look at. All CRM systems, including Infusionsoft, are absolutely brilliant in that they allow you to change all the names of your contacts. For instance, in your industry (the beauty industry) we’ve called it “salon” rather than “business”. You can change it to whatever you want. I’ve set up a system for local government superannuation boards. They call theirs “super clients” and different clients. Those lexicons of words are very important sometimes to people. On your website you might call them different things to the standards. We will set some of these up.

“Lead Source” is very important. When you first start off you are probably just doing some things yourself, putting some data in that you’ve got from an excel spread sheet where you have been doing a bit of business already. You then start off a pay per click campaign using Google adwords. You don’t need to understand at that level straight away what your sources are. But as your business grows that will become very, very important. You need to understand where that lead is coming from because that lead represents where you are spending your advertising dollar. You need to know and understand what your return on investment is.

The rest of the contact types and information we will go through. When you set up any Infusionsoft system or CRM system, you need to set yourself up a “Profile” as well. You need to put in there who your company is; who you are; and to send emails out you always have to put an “Email” address in there. So that is what we are going to go and look at and do now.

So if you can just log onto your CRM system now. This is the front of Infusionsoft when you log in.