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Small Business CRM Software

Small Business CRM Software is the term used for software (computer applications) that run small business customer or citizen relationship management systems.

The history of these systems comes from the direct marketing (direct mail) industry, the utility companies, sales force automation products and client name and address systems within the EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) areana – namely Accounts Recievables, Manufacturing and Sales Order processing.

Binging client information together into one place, called a 360 Degree view of the client, is the ambition of a modern CRM system.

These systems started to be made availible to small business and SME’s in the mid 80’s with the advent of systems like Ability, Excel and some apple products. Very soon after that small contact management solutions such as Maximizer, Goldmine and Act become available. These were very much personal productivty tools. Often highly intergrated with the MS Office Applications Suite.

As time progressed and we have had the advent of the internet small business crm software has progressed to be database (SQL) driven. And there are now both online and offline solutions that small businesses can choose from.

Often a small business looking for a CRM solution is better off if it comes as part of their core business. Ofr instance in the Beauty Salon World Hairware and Beautyware have CRM built into them, as does APEM with for the Service Industry.
For Small Business and SMEs looking for good offline CRMs its hard to go past Le Grand a SQL based applications with a number of online intergration points.

For those wanting a Web Based CRM Software Solution or SAAS (Software as a Service Solution) Infusionsoft CRM is probably the best CRM and E-Commerce System in the market and will be for the forseeable future.

Pure Sales force companies should also look at Sales Force Online and any organsition over $50 million should take a look at Oralce’s Online solution.

Our Small Business CRM Software Solutions services in Perth include but are no limited to:

Online CRM – Software as a Service (SAAF)
In house CRM – Software loaded on your machines with remote access
Contact Mangement and Reporting
Ecommerce Website intergration
Online Mechant Factilities
Online Shopping Carts
Online Sales Forms
Online Web Forms
Web Sites and web capture pages
Customer Files, including all tasks, emails, form, phone and fax interactions
Product and item Tracking
Service Level Agreements
Sales and Lead Tracking
Systems integration
Digital Serial Number Generation and Tracking
Word and Excel Integration