Solicitors CRM

Solicitors CRM

5. Once you have a list of hungry potential clients does it matter what you feed them?

The answer is yes and no.

We may as well look at a food example, considering that we are talking about hungry customers. If you had a list of 3000 people who you knew were sure to be hungry three times a day how many products could you feed them? Thousands. Consider these categories:
? Fast food, gourmet food and supermarket standard
? 10 different varieties of those three
? Then breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Now if you took those categories and combined them into product categories, you get 120 different potential product lines and thousands of menu items. Lots of choices of products to sell.

From a solicitors practice point of view let’s look at what potential clients need.

– yearly will update
– yearly SMSF update
– yearly look at asset protection
– review of employment contract/employees contract
– updates on relevant local, state and federal laws.

I’m sure there are more. But you can see there are not as many as eating. However, even with what I’ve listed above that’s enough for something at least every month. Now how do you get that message out.

I recommend Infusionsoft for Practice Management from a Solicitors CRM point of view. Call them now for a demonstration.

You can probably see the products don’t matter that much, (there’s a huge range available), but without the customer list you’d be nowhere. Because as a small business selling food, (or anything else without a list), you have to first buy ‘traffic’, by paying high rent in a busy street or shopping mall, or from somebody else’s website, or anywhere else your type of customers congregate. And for a small business, that will flatten your profits.

But if you have a list, then you can hold all the cards. You become a destination business. And your property rates and other costs are much lower. In the restaurant trade, these are the places that fill to overflowing and start off with very little competition around them. But for ‘some reason’ they are always busy. The reason is their list.

So you can see that the list is usually the important thing not the products. But there’s another angle. If you can make your products so special that they also attract people AND you have a list of people you can market to, then you get more than a double whammy – you get leverage.

But this isn’t a book about products, it’s about CRM and the foundation of that is your list. Always the list. Ask any Real Estate Agent who has lost their best sales person and that person left with the list! Or consider Google buying the online Video Utube company. Did they by a product? No! Google has much better technology. Google paid $2 Billion for the list of users.

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Solicitors CRM

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