Structured Data JSON for OptimizePress

Structured Data JSON for Optimizepress

I’ve been doing some research into using Structured Data on my OptimizePress sites.  (NB this page only has the video and local business Structure data on it at this time:)

I found the main benefit is you can give Google and other Search engines this data and in return they will give you a lot more real estate on the front of their results. Which in turn normally results in a 30-50% increase in click though to your site.  See picture above.

So I would say that its very worth doing it.

This is the process I used.
1- I contacted OptimizePress to see if they had a solution but they did not, they are working on other things which is fine.
2. Was there a real benefit in doing this, from above I think you will agree there is.
3. What was the thing that would give me 95% of what I wanted with the smallest amount of time and resource.

OK so first I went to see if there was a good plugin and there is has a great plugin for Word Press that worked really well with all the blog posts on an OptimizePress site. I gave the developer of this plugin a user role on one of my sites. He managed to get 100 blog posts indexed with 5 structured data in about 2 days. He did not understand how to get it on the pages, but that was just because he did not have enough time to do it and it was not that high priority for me.

He offers the plugin, he changed his pricing for me so if you have a few OptimizePress sites there is a licence for that and if you build sites for others there is also a multi site license for that. Also he will do the work for you for a fee. Please say that you came from me, I do not get any money for this just want him to know his investment in testing was worth it.

Next I worked out that really you only need 6 bits of Structured Date for OptimizePress sites. They are local business, products, events, article, video and rating. There are hundreds of other things you can enter but these give you the 95% that are important.

I got the about Structured Data points done on fiver for $26AUD. By Harun29384 on

This video shows you about the above and how to load the data into OptimizePress.