Planning your CRM Implementation

Getting Your Processes In Place

Transcription of the following video.

The next thing I go on about which you all need to do before putting a CRM system in place, even if you do it on a scrap of paper or on a serviette, is to put something down in writing before you implement the system. It’s far more cost effective to have a plan, for example you would have a plan of the house you are going to build. Then question it. Is that where I want the windows; is that the type of flooring I want; is that the type of roofing I want. You do this prior to actually building the house. Once you start and have layed the concrete, once it is down it is very difficult to dig it back up. Once you decide you want the electrics in that place and they’re run through the ground, it is very, very difficult to go back in and change it all.

It’s exactly the same with a CRM system. If you have decided to set it up in a certain way – yes you can go back and change it. But it much harder to go back and do that if you make a mistake in the first place. What you then do is what I call build a skeleton. You will see me doing this all the way through. I build customer relationship management systems, so I don’t necessarily do copy. People like Gemma do copy. Gemma will have seen me build up a system, the skeleton and then you go and put the meat on the bone.
For example: this is the seven part auto responder. It’s got four or five sentences in it. We can set that up and get it going and then we can go back and add to that later on. We want to get it up as fast as possible. So for instance Linda if you are selling something on Perth Business Websites, for the new service you have you might just want to get something up and going and go back later and add to it and add to it, etc. We all know we are going to change everything all the time!
Once you have the right process in place, you have mapped it out, it is much easier to do it that way, than it is to put things in that have to take bits out. I’d always recommend: put your plan in place; the question it; build a skeleton; then put some meat on the bones. That’s what we are going to do later on.

Infusionsoft CRM for Small Business August Update

This is the video and transcript for the Infusionsoft CRM for Small Business updates

Simplify and Connect – August Release Notes

We listen to our customers, and have improved the following software features.
0:00 – 2:56 – feedback from customers, Partners, and Infusionsites
2:56 – 3:48 Learn how to convert all old templates to the new responsive and easy to work with version
4:54 – New Features in this update

5:32 Campaign Builder Navigation

Get right to work with streamlined Campaign Builder navigation
Campaign Builder navigation has been refreshed.
Updated, modern look and function
Prominent, noticeable Publish button
Modern, easier-to-understand “breadcrumb” navigation replaces clunky “Back to campaign/list” buttons
New Actions button replaces confusing “Campaign” button

7:32 Invoice & Quote Updates

Make it simpler for your customers to pay you with modern, personalized invoicing and quotes
Updated look & feel, including updated international tax information
Expanded default setting options for both Invoices and Quotes
“From” Email Address; Email subject; Email body; Email closing
Terms & Conditions on Invoice or Quote page
9:20 – International tax settings to enable compliance with local tax laws in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand

11:10 – Contact Record

Connect in context. See each customer’s local time, language and weather so your team is ready to make a personal connection from the start.
Automatically capture a contact’s international time zone & language* any time they complete an Infusionsoft form or make a purchase through an Infusionsoft-hosted page
*Languages currently included are: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Português

Customer Problems Addressed

– I already worked on several campaigns before I realized I could click on that button to find all these other options. It’s hard enough to figure out my marketing without things being hidden in plain sight.
– I clicked the Back button, because that’s what I’m used to doing – but then some of my work was gone. I forget to click “back to list” all the time because I can’t get to the regular menu.
– I can make my emails look clean and modern but my invoices are left looking old and outdated, not to mention that I have to go through a cumbersome process to build templates in order to make simple wording changes.
– It is so painful for me as an international Infusionsoft user. I have to make all kinds of manual changes to calculate taxes so I’m in compliance with my local government requirements. Not to mention that it’s irritating to not have access to global time zones on my contact’s records or even know what language they speak!