Infusionsoft Sales Forms How To Do Multi Currency

Many Infusionsoft users and small businesses want to sell products from their CRM. Using sales forms is one way. Fast and simple without need to set up a whole shopping cart.

Some also want to sell the same products in a range of currencies. If you are US based you may want to offer CAD and UK Pound – so on and so forth.

With the normal set up in Infusionsoft and other CRMs you can only do one. This video shows you the work arounds to do multi currency.

Using the settings of USD in the Ecommerce, Settings and Order area and the field Choose Your Currency – choose USD if you want to have no denomination show next to the price.

In the Product description of the product or the Product HTML outline what currency you are charging in.

To add a multi currency Paypal option see other video.

If you are interested in using Infusionsoft grab a free demo here.