Web Based CRM Software

What is CRM

Web Based CRM Software

Web Based CRM Software – or Software As A Service the term used for software (Customer Relationship Management computer applications) that are provided as a service over the internet.

The history of these systems comes from the days when computer services were delivered as a service. Companies such as IBM, Amdal, EDS and others used to sell mainframe time to run business applications.

As computing became cheaper, following “Moore’ Law” these systems fell away. But now with the event of the internet, cheap communications, low licence costs they are back with avengance.

One of the main software applications to follow this model is CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

CRM and SFA (Sales Force Automation)

CRM and SFA (Sales Force Automation) work very well on a dispersed modle. Sales forces, support centers, technicians and sales managers the core users of these applications, are often out of the road and carringing their laptops and mobile communications devices.

Having software that needs to Sync data, deal with data corruption, internal and external sercurity and communictions is a huge cost if you want to do this inhouse. Therefore a lot of companies are looking to Web Based CRM Software solutions as a way to provide service to their staff, cheap costs low and havwe 24 x 7 x 365 access to their data.

Binging client information together into one place, called a 360 Degree view of the client, is the ambition of a modern CRM system.

Intergration of Web Based CRM Software Solutions

One of the main reasons that companies want internalised systems is intergration with there other systems and data. With modern Web Based CRM Software Solutions this has mainly been overcome. The companies providing these Software As A Service Solution have built software gateways know as API’s (Applications Program Interfaces) that can be accessed and also deliver data to internal applications.

The main companies providing Web Based CRM Softeare As A Service are:-

Infusonsoft – Pheonix based company offering a Enterprise CRM, Ecommerce and Affilaite system for a small start up fee and then between $199 to $499 per month for between 1 and 10 uers.
Salesforce online: Providing a great Sales Force Focused CRM Solutions. Prices Start from Around $2,500
Oracle: Offereing Siebel – the best system on the planet for about $4,500 plus monthly charges.
Our Small Business CRM Software Solutions services in Perth include but are no limited to:

Online CRM – Software as a Service (SAAF)
In house CRM – Software loaded on your machines with remote access
Contact Mangement and Reporting
Ecommerce Website intergration
Online Mechant Factilities
Online Shopping Carts
Online Sales Forms
Online Web Forms
Web Sites and web capture pages
Customer Files, including all tasks, emails, form, phone and fax interactions
Product and item Tracking
Service Level Agreements
Sales and Lead Tracking
Systems integration
Digital Serial Number Generation and Tracking
Word and Excel Integration