What is CRM Screen Layout

This is the front of Infusionsoft when you log in.

New Infusionsoft Screen Layout
As you look at your screen you will see on your top right hand side tabs for: -Help Log OutFind A Person
-Help me with this page -Person
-Help me get started -Subscription
-View my service tickets -Affiliate
-View the Infusionsoft community -Find an Infusionsoft Certified

Coming across from your left hand side you will find tabs for: – Home- People – Company – Affiliates
-Add a Person o Add an Affiliate
-Find Peopleo Find Affiliates
-Add a Note
-Opportunities- Orders- Reports- Setup
-Add an opportunityo Add an ordero View All Reportso My profile -Find opportunitieso Find orderso Users
-Enter a paymento FollowUp Sequences
-Process a refundo Templates–Email/Fax
-Lead Sources
-Order Forms
-Web Forms
-Shopping Cart
-Subscriptions -Affiliate Programs -Affiliate Redirects -Affiliate Resources -Import Records / -Check for Dupes -Misc Settings

Finally you will find a rather large tab on the vertical left of your screen. Place the arrow there and the email tab will appear.
Going Through The Infusionsoft Screen Layout
What we are going to be looking at is “people”. But the first thing you come to on the front screen is a calendar; a list of tasks/things to do which is similar for virtually every CRM system; up here we are going to search for a person – for our example I am going to use me in the first instance.

You will get your “Infusionsoft Login” from Infusionsoft when you first start off. It will then take you through a wizard (my system is set up so I can’t take you through that wizard). But it will take you through a wizard to set up some of the data that I am going to show you. This is where the first contact record is. This is actually me – see list below.
George Slater (back to search results)

-Address -Additional Info -Person Notes -Survey -PayPal / Ebay -Logins
-Linked People

General Information
-First Name
-Last Name -Company -Company-Job Title

Person Type
-Please select one Prospect Client Competitor Personal Supplier

Lead Source
-Please select Coach In Charge
-Please select one

Billing Address
-Street Address1 -Street Address2 -City
-Postal Code -Country -Phone / Fax-

-AffiliateTracking -Orders
-Box File

Pending Task

Activity Log
-Recent Email History -Sent
-Click History

Looking at me we can see name, company, job title, the type of person I was talking about which is if they are a “client”, “prospect” or “competitor”. (So I’m going to put that in as a client.) The lead source that we talked about, so I will put it in as website and who the owner is.

One of the questions we had prior to the event was: “How can I look at data and I just want my own list? I don’t want everybody’s list.” It’s possible within the system to set it up so only a user can see the people that they are qualified to see based on the person in charge of that account. So, I can only see my clients, you can only see your clients. For example: Your coaches for instance can only see their clients. They can’t see everybody else. They can only see two hundred clients that’s all they can see. As they change, as the listing is changed, automatically their view changes.

Q.`That is set up how?
A. Using the “owner ID”. You can change it to a different name so you can, for instance, put it in where a mask goes over the top. So we can change that name if you wanted to “person in charge” or “coach in charge”.
Q. Are there parameters you can set for that?
A. Yes.

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